Uncanny X-Men 226

Uncanny X-Men 226

A special double-sized issue, and Claremont and company take full advantage of the 40 pages. It’s a lot to cover. Good thing for you, I’m an insomniac…

In the ruins of Eagle Plaza, Wolverine is badly injured, but has no time for his healing factor to work. The end of the world is nigh. Inside, the X-Men hold Mystique prisoner, outside, Freedom Force holds Rogue, Dazzler, and Psylocke. Destiny can see no future for the X-Men, and perhaps the world.

The hole in the night sky grows bigger, flooding the city with eldritch light. NPR reporter Neal Conan and his producer, Manoli Wetherell arrive on the scene and begin covering the story. They cross the barrier into the light.

Dazzler comes to and blinds her captors, but Spiral attacks her-taking Destiny’s mask and nailing it to Dazzler’s face with a knife to the forehead. It’s so messed up! It’s an enchantment, so she doesn’t die, but she’s blinded. Spiral threatens Psylocke with beheading before Rogue flies Spiral up into the air. Spiral gains the upper hand, but then is interrupted by something….

Storm and Forge are on an alternate Earth, completely unspoiled by man, a paradise prison made by the Adversary. Forge is recovering from being stabbed, Ororo feels shame she was used by Naze.

In Dallas, the world within the light is changing. Barbarian hordes and dinosaurs roam the city which is becoming a jumble of styles from across time. It’s kinda like the Kulan Gath incident, but better told.

Inside Eagle Plaza, Wolverine and Mystique call a truce to deal with the threat. Colossus feels like he’s supposed to be here, he reflects on what the young woman with the chess piece told him, about a choice he would make that holds the fate of everything.

Neal and Manoli find a news van to broadcast with. They dodge barbarians. Manoli is not a mutant fan….

Dinsaours rampage in the mall. Longshot and Pyro work together. Elsewhere, the Texas Rangers, Super Sabre, and Wolverine fight off a barbarian horde. It’s broadcast live on all networks. We are told by the way that X-Factor is dealing with related trouble in NYC and the Avengers and FF are on standby.

Storm and Forge have a choice to either play the Adversary’s game or live together in paradise. Ororo goes off on her own seeking answers.

In Dallas, Mystique gives an interview to the reporters, and Havok joins in with a powerful speech.

Spiral is trying to pull the knife out of Dazzler’s face but her magic is all screwy.  Colossus tries threatening her but it’s no use.

In the other world, Ororo has gone from Yellowstone to the African plains. She tries to speak to the goddess, but the world has no spirit. She and Forge are meant to provide it. Her hair is  getting longer….

In Dallas, a huge Indian war party thunders onto the scene, Crimson Commando talks to the chief who tells him about the Adversary. Forge has spent a lifetime preparing for this battle, and at the top of the building magic must be made.

Well, then the rednecks show up and blast the Indians with rifles! It’s a horrible massacre and Crimson Commando is aggrieved.

Storm returns to Forge, a year has passed for them. Since she’s been gone he’s developed solar power. They kiss. What will they do?

The battle rages on in Texas, cowboys vs Indians vs barbarians vs mutants. Wolverine likens it to the Spartan battle of Thermopylae. I didn’t know you’re so romantic says Mystique. He says you can’t be an X-Man without being romantic.

Destiny tells Colossus he is the glitch in the time stream, he wasn’t meant to be here. There is a faint glimmer of hope at the top of the building but she sees no hope for the X-Men. Then we go to the top, says Colossus.

The hole in the sky gets bigger, reality continues to twist. Psylocke downloads Peter’s memories and discovers that Roma, the Guardian of the Omniverse is behind them. They have to go to the top of the building.

Spiral teleports first, then Rogue flies up. Spiral then come falling back down in a fireball. Rogue grabs her and Blob absorbs their impact in a crater. They’ll have to go floor to floor and that means going through the Vietnam war…

Storm and Forge make the decision to leave the paradise earth and go back to theirs, he thinks he’s created the technology to make it happen at the top of his new aerie.

The X-Men make their way through a jungle firefight in the lobby, the rednecks are assisting, including an anti-mutie one that Wolverine is suspicious of.

The X-Men will go on their own, Wolverine says. Into certain death. The NPR reporter shakes his hand and thanks him. Is there an X-Men NPR tote bag?

Forge thinks he can restore Storm’s powers, he says she still has them but her RNA is blocking access to them….

The X-Men say their goodbyes and head off into danger like legendary heroes….

Forge zaps Storm with a blaster and at first, nothing happens….then the sky rumbles, and lightening springs from here fingers. Then, our girl is AIRBORNE!

She hurls bolts at the dimensional gateway he’s constructed and they are going HOME! Very exciting. Nicely done.

In Dallas the wind picks up and the lead redneck turns out to be the Adversary. He transforms into Naze, and welcomes the new players to the game. A huge lighting bolt explodes at the top of the building and that is where we end things.

About The Author

Robyn Adams
Robyn Adams lives in Oakland, California with her son Jonah and cat Bambino. A student of the San Francisco Art Institute and graduate of The Academy of Art College in illustration, she worked for 15 years in the animation industry before beginning her freelance graphic design business. She is a professional graphic designer and illustrator, inveterate collector, amateur archivist, and aspiring standup comedian and stage performer.

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