Uncanny X-Men 227

UXM 227 Big Finale! As lightning and fire rock Eagle Plaza, NPR engineer Manoli Wetherell and Freedom Force watch the camera feed coming from Neal Conan inside the building with the X-men. They are full-on fighting the Vietnam war with demons. The narration from the reporter gives the drama an extra edge. The traditional sequence […]

Uncanny X-Men 223

This is a really packed issue, and nicely illustrated by guest artist Kerry Gammil. In Washington DC, Crimson Commando and Stonewall are back, and in exchange for conditional pardons they’re being inducted into Freedom Force, the government sponsored mutant fighting team under the direction of Valerie Cooper and the command of Mystique. We get the […]

Uncanny X-Men 224

I imagine myself at age 18 looking at this cover and asking, “Who the hell are the X-Men anymore? That corner box with 3 mutants I don’t recognize and Havok….seriously? No sale….” In the time since my introduction to the X-Men at #166: Cyclops is done, Storm’s lost her powers, Kitty and Colossus and Nightcrawler are […]

Uncanny X-Men 225

Fall of the Mutants. We catch up with Peter Rasputin, he’s sketching in Edinburgh under the curious eye of local children. He’s still not feeling great, it takes a lot of concentration to stay in human form now. A mysterious woman comes along and reads his palm, mysteriously she knows much about him and that […]


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