Uncanny X-men 104

Uncanny X-men 104

In Scotland, the X-Men commandeer a hovercraft despite the objections of the locals. They are headed to Moira McTaggert’s island facility on Muir Island. When the hovercraft suddenly comes apart and sinks. Nightcrawler asks why every machine they travel in gets destroyed.

Turns out Moira is more than just a housekeeper, this is a sophisticated research lab. They find it is protected by a force field and then suddenly the ground they are standing on lifts them up and flies at the wall. The X-Men burst through the wall and find a huge glowing metal door. When it explodes out steps…Magneto!

Meanwhile, Cyclops and Moira arrive and find Jamie Maddox who explains that he was ambushed by Eric the Red and Polaris. They found Magneto, who had been regressed into a baby back in Defenders #16. Eric has a ray that causes Magneto to grow into an adult, young and strong and at the peak of his powers. Cyclops runs 0ff to find the team—they stand no chance against Magneto.

Sure enough, the battle with Magneto goes badly. Wolverine’s adamantium claws and Colossus’ steel body are a bad match for the Master of Magnetism. Storm’s powers are repelled back at her by force fields. Colossus is thrown into the sea and a great huge machine comes down on Nightcrawler after Magneto anticipates where the elf with teleport. Banshee holds his own before being encased in a metal skin.

Cyclops arrives and hits Magneto at full force. He gathers the team and orders a retreat back to the jet. He’s worried this is all a distraction to leave Xavier vulnerable to attack. Wolverine does not take kindly to running away.

Magneto is triumphant, while unnoticed, the cell door of a holding chamber labeled Mutant X has been breached. That is a story for another time…

Cut to the Starjammers (first appearance?) in deep space. If the Emperor opens the Dimensional Gateway all will be threatened.

Cut again to a starship seen in Xavier’s dreams, piloted the Emperor’s sister. She’s come to Earth trying to stop his mad plan but is attacked by a warship.

One last cut to Jean Grey and Xavier visiting her parents. Outside, Eric, Polaris and Havok plot their attack….

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Robyn Adams
Robyn Adams lives in Oakland, California with her son Jonah and cat Bambino. A student of the San Francisco Art Institute and graduate of The Academy of Art College in illustration, she worked for 15 years in the animation industry before beginning her freelance graphic design business. She is a professional graphic designer and illustrator, inveterate collector, amateur archivist, and aspiring standup comedian and stage performer.

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