Automobile Driving Museum

Automobile Driving Museum

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The cars of Hollywood exhibit was a major attraction for the ADM. We created a simple Hollywood motif for the exhibit materials. invite_grey-01   The invitation for the 2015 fundraiser gala was an opportunity to do an illustrated design that played off the Cars of Hollywood theme.   cirque_poster The 2016 Gala had a Cirque theme and utilized a photo of the famous Packard flying lady hood ornament with a digitally painted acrobat. Gassers-01 This flyer and poster features a drawing from a hot rod artist that I painted and incorporated into a poster design.


Vertical posters and flyers must also be reformatted into horizontal images for website sliders and featured images. ADM_HW_March2015_slider-01

The Hot Wheels Garage is a regular event at the museum and Mattel provides tons of amazing artwork to take apart and repurpose for flyer designs. Generic2015_HW-01 LA_Guide3-01 Magazine advertisement utilizing the website branding. woodies flyer-01 While we had plenty of great photographs of wooden surf wagons, creating original illustration allowed us to expand on the theme of a beach picnic with a vintage feel.

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