Fusion Metals Logo Design

Fusion Metals Logo Design

A recent very fun project came to me by way of referral from another Oakland graphic designer, Ross Turner. The client, metal artist Hilary Engleman, wanted a special effects logo that simulated the spark from welding metal. With my background as a animation painter and illustrator I had the experience (and Photoshop brushes) to execute her vision. The arcing sparks were a particular design challenge as each one had to be placed in such a way that the text still read well. This had to function as a logo as well as a special effect illustration.

We did the logo in two different versions. “Stacked” for her business card and truck sign, and horizontal for the website header logo. The website was built by Saill White of Wicked Clever Designs.


Hilary’s testimonial:

Thank you for your efforts and creativity in making my new logo.  It’s hard sometimes, artist to artist, to relay what we want visually when we have a loose idea in mind.  You really helped in solidifying the design and making it amazing.  When I came to you I told you that I don’t just want to like my logo, I want to love it.  I feel like we accomplished that and then some.  Thank you for everything.

–Hilary Engleman, Fusion Metals



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