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Triple Nickel Racing Website

Triple Nickel had a WordPress site in place that did not reflect the attitude and energy of their brand and that did not work great on mobile. Adding texture and color into a responsive theme was a simple way to update the site and bring a fresh energy to their online presence. We created a digitally painted online web-comic that brings the race team to life and adds unique web-content that played well in social media.

Presidential Monsters Website

The Presidential Monsters company had invested heavily on fantastic illustrations for the action figure packaging. I created a responsive website that featured the characters in the opening slider as well as sidebar menus. A WPMU Marketpress shopping cart system was installed that allowed inventory tracking–a nice feature since these figures sell out fast! A lot of the design work involved manipulating their existing artwork to integrate the look of the site. The painting of the Monster White House also happens to be my work.

Pacific Gold Creamery

Pacific Gold Creamery need a simple WordPress site to promote their dairy products (with logos I designed). This is a responsive site that uses a home page slider and gorgeous stock photography to tell their story, all projected onto the side of a classic red wooden barn.


The key to the Matchmaking Maven theme is a color and design scheme that feels romantic and up-to-date. We added a call to action feature that unlocked a free download when users sign up for the mailing list.

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