Robyn Adams


I have been a working creative artist for 20 years, primarily in the animation industry where I specialized in color design and background painting for television series and commercials. I that time I enjoyed working with amazingly talented people and learned to work quickly and in wide a variety of styles.

I have also been active as a creator on the web since the mid-1990s when I founded The Mego Museum, a vintage toy website that has since become the go-to destination for fans of 1970s action figure toys with thousands of registered users.

I love creating visually rich destinations that inform and inspire the audience to bond with the subject and create community around it.

I started Secret Fan Base in 2013 to use my diverse talents to brand, market and promote businesses and individuals in print and on the web.

I bring a fan’s passion to whatever I do, picking up the essential details and generously presenting them with as much fun and color as I can. My goal is to share with the world something that I think is ridiculously great and insist that it not be overlooked.

My modus operandi: Make it fun. Make it look great. Make a lot of it.

Do you need to build your own Secret Fan Base to reach your customers, attract new new ones and stand out from the crowd? Please get in touch to discuss what I can bring to your project.


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